extorting freelancers and posting false information


I am posting this blog to let everyone know about a very specific and disturbing issue that has affected both myself and many others in the freelancing community.

Extorting Freelancers for Money

Earlier this month I received an email from basically offering to get me “verified” as a freelancer so that they could determine that I am not a scammer. This verification process involved sending them $50 and when I refused (obviously), they explained to me that if I refused to pay this fee, that they would post my information on their translator-scammers website (

Of course I refused and now my information has been posted on their site. Anyone who knows or works with me knows that I am not only the furthest thing from anyone who would try and scam another individual but that I am also the last person who would ever stay quiet in the face of this kind of extortion or bullying behavior.

I don’t know if and the people behind it were always doing this or if this is a recent tactic they have begun to employ to try and make money. I am unable to post the email in this article since I have submitted it to law enforcement and they are now conducting an active investigation into all of this and I am also trying to sue them as well.

Exposing the Translator Scammers Website

Translator Scammers is claiming to post the personal information of scammers on their website once they have been “notified” of a scam.

By sheer logic, what they do will always be “too late.”

In other words, once one of their alleged “scammers” has used an email address to carry out a scam, is posting their email address after the scam has already been carried out, at which point the alleged scammer could just create a new email address to continue the scam.

There is no purpose to this site since they will do nothing but catch scams after they have already happened and do nothing to stop scammers from creating a new email address as soon as it’s posted.

That alone should make people at least suspicious as to what the actual purpose of this website is and why they are running it.

It is almost a cosmic irony that the people who position themselves as scam catchers are some of the worst scammers themselves.

As I said earlier, I cannot provide the specific email I received from them as I am in an active lawsuit with them and the people behind the site are under active investigation, however, here are a few more things that should be warning signs if the above information isn’t already enough.

The Translator Scammers Site Openly Spams their “Scammers”

The translator-scammers site actively encourages visitors to spam their alleged “scammers” (see image below). Not only is this illegal, but if you click on any of those links to send an email, this will send out a terribly expletive-filled email to all of the people the have put on these involuntary email lists.


Translator Scammers Violating Data Protection Acts and Privacy Rights

The translator-scammers website has posted – and made publicly available – all of the personal information of alleged “scammers,” which is indirect violation of data protection acts and privacy laws the world over. They have posted and made public thousands of email addresses, contact information, names and more.

Translator Scammers Owner Won’t Admit Any Association with the Site

The site claims to keep the identities of the people behind their website a closely guarded secret.  They claim to be an organization of volunteers from many different disciplines related to translation and freelancing. It is very strange that a certain individual (see image below) posted on several translation websites about the Translator Scammers Directory Group but denies any association with them.




The Owner’s Site and Translator Scammers Siteare Almost Identical (and he is apparently a Womanizer)

Curiously enough, if you go to this person’s own website, it has the exact same layout as the translator scammers site.

He even has a section on his contact page where he advertises the fact that he has five female “assistants” (would not be surprised if he removes some of these things as soon as he finds out about this article.


Translator Scammers Website Final Thoughts

If you read the information on their page, much of it is written in a very hostile and juvenile-sounding manner. Combine this with their use of skulls and crossbones graphics and memes, and something seems off with them (and strikingly immature).Please see an example below to get an idea of the language used on their website.

Bottom line, it is scary to think that someone like this is getting away with potentially ruining the reputation of thousands of individuals while at the same time extorting an even greater number of people for money.

If you or anyone you know was scammed or threatened by them, you can send an email to Portuguese law enforcement and the hosting provider for both of these websites; Complete-host and Westhost.